Water Metering

Boundary Boxes // Domestic // Commercial

TPS stock and supply a range of market leading Water Meter Boundary Boxes, recognised by water authorities and contractors for their quality and flexibility. Our boundary boxes come as standard with an integrated stopcock, non-return valve(s), push-fit service pipe connections and threaded meter housing. The boundary box is buried in pavements and walkways and enables householders or meter readers to have quick and easy access for meter reading or supply services shut off.

TPS boundary boxes for below-ground installations

Boundary Boxes

Water Meters // Domestic & Commercial

our metering partner……………elster     www.elstermetering.com

TPS are Elster Water Metering’s agent for their range of polymer and brass bodied water meters in Ireland, all of which are fully compliant with all European and MID standards. Models including V100, V200 and V210 are available with concentric connections (suitable for meter box installation) and in-line connections and in a choice of direct read, pulse output and encoder type registers to meet specific requirements.

Available in sizes 15mm to 40mm

Water Meters
Elster V210 Plastic body concentric water meter
water meters domestic 2
Elster V200 Brass body in-line water meter

Water Meters // Bulk

our metering partner……………elster      www.elstermetering.com

The Elster range of Bulk flow meters lead the way in the accurate measurement of large flows in various water management systems and for commercial billing purposes. TPS stock and supply a full range of Elster H4000 Woltmann-type flanged helix meters in sizes from 50mm to 300mm, available with pulse outputs compatible with various auxiliary equipment. Combination meters are also available and are used for installations where a wide variation of flow can be expected, and are capable of accurately measuring both low and high flows. TPS also have available the next generation of bulk water meter (H5000), manufactured by global leader Elster. The H5000 represents the very highest performance in bulk flow water metering making it ideally suited to both billing and water distribution applications.

Available in sizes from 50mm to 300mm

Elster H4000 Helix bulk water meter

Water Meters 1

Elster C4000 Combination water meter

Water Meters 2

Elster H5000 water meter

Water Meters // Electromagnetic

our metering partner……………elster      www.elstermetering.com

Designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications and distribution system monitoring, Electromagnetic (mag) meters use electromagnetic properties to measure water flow rather than mechanical means. The Elster Q4000 has 10 year continuous battery life and doesn’t require calibration, resulting in zero maintenance.

Available in sizes from 50mm to 200mm

Water Meters :: Electromagnetic

Elster Q4000 Electromagnetic water meter