Geotextile Products

Geotextile // Woven // Non-Wowen

TPS offer a full range of Geotextile products used for separation, filtration and reinforcement. As a separation layer the Geotextile prevents the loss of stone into the subgrade. As filtration layer the Geotextile prevents soil fines entering the drainage media. As a reinforcing layer the Geotextile can save not only the initial loss of the fill into the sub-grade but also offer a reduction in the overall construction thickness.

Available 4.5m x 100m Rolls in various grades

Geotextile :: Woven
Geotextile :: Non-Woven

Geotextile // Geogrids

TPS supply Geogrids which are used for ground stabilisation and sub-base reinforcement in roads and highways, housing and void spanning applications.

Available 3.95m x 50m Rolls in various grades

Geotextile // Woven and Welded Mesh

Formed by either weaving wire or welded sheets of mesh, TPS can provide gabions and mattresses that can be filled with stone or soil for planting. Block Wall is a new concrete facing for TPS’ welded gabions.