Ducting Systems

Twinwall Ducting // Plastic

TPS stock and supply the full range of Twinwall corrugated cable duct in 50m coils or 6m lengths.

Available in diameters from 110mm to 178mm in Black, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red

Solid Wall Ducting // Polyethylene / UPVC

TPS stock and supply solid wall UPVC and polyethylene ducting in 50m coils or 6m lengths.

Available in diameters of 50mm, 107mm, 110mm, 160mm

Preformed Access Chambers

Our range of pre-formed structural access chambers (or duct boxes) have been designed for use in both footway and carriageway installations. Each underground chamber consists of 155mm deep ring sections.

Available in sizes of 300mm x 300mm up to 1500mm x 750mm

performed access chambers

Integrated Ducting Systems (IDS)

IDS chambers are manufactured in one piece sections by rotationally moulding for strength and rigidity. The system is made up of single stacking sections which can be stacked up to three sections high. Each section has pre-trepanned duct entry profiles for ease of pipe insertion.

Available in sizes from 300mm x 300mm up to 600mm x 600mm

IDS Pole Chamber

The IDS Pole Chamber System has been developed specifically to aid the installation of traffic poles and to facilitate the reinstatement of poles without the need for excavation works. The system allows all civil engineering works to be carried out prior to pole installations, thus improving continuity of operation, reducing labor costs whilst minimising traffic disruption.

Available in diameters of 300mm and 450mm

Underground Warning Tape

TPS supply a full range of detectable warning tapes which is the most economical way of warning excavators of buried services below ground. If required non-detectable tapes can also be supplied.. The tapes can be printed with any text in any language, colour or size.

underground warming tape