Drainage Materials

Twinwall Drainage // Plastic

Twinwall pipes are used for both surface and storm water drainage. Manufactured from polypropylene or polyethylene, the outer wall is corrugated whilst the inner wall is smooth. The combination of heat welding together the two pipes gives the pipe its unique strength. Twinwall has many advantages over traditional materials through its lighter weight, fewer joints and robust construction. Twinwall drain is complimented by a broad range of fittings including couplings, bends, junctions and adaptors.

Available in diameters from 100mm to 600mm


Land Drainage Coil // UPVC

Modern surface water drainage and land management practices depend on effective control of the water table. Excess water can lead to restricted land access, reduced crop yields, erosion and environmental damage. TPS offer a wide range of UPVC and polypropylene drainage systems for surface and sub-surface drainage. TPS single wall land drainage coil is produced in accordance with BS 4962.

Available in diameters from 60mm to 225mm

Road Gullies // Concrete

A range of precast road gullies with 150mm trapped outlets. Gullies are produced monolithically on fully automated machines, providing a strong robust unit, needing no concrete surround and are not subject to flotation.

Available in diameters from 375 x750mm, 400 x 750mm, 450 x 900mm

4 Road Gullies

Concrete Pipe

TPS provide a full range of concrete drainage pipes and fittings from 225mm to 600mm.

Available in diameters from 225mm to 600mm

Precast Concrete Manhole Systems

TPS precast concrete manholes are available in depths from 250mm to 1000mm and in diameters from 900mm up to 2100mm.

Available in diameters from 900mm to 2100mm and depths from 250mm to 1000mm

precast concrete manhole

Cover Slabs // Concrete

TPS square access cover slabs are available with openings from 600mm to 675mm and diameters from 900mm to 1200mm.

Available in diameters from 900mm to 1200mm with openings from 600mm to 675mm

concrete access cover

Headwalls // Concrete

Precast concrete headwalls can be manufactured to suit a range of pipes from DN150mm up to DN900mm. They can be supplied with flap valves and grids if required. TPS concrete headwalls can accommodate pipework with an internal diameter of up to and including 1650mm ID and PCC box culverts up to 2400mm wide x 1500mm deep. Multiple pipe outlets can also be accommodated.

Easi-Base // Concrete

Bases are traditionally constructed manually in-situ using ready mix concrete which is trowled to form the base and benching. This practice is labour intensive and requires optimum site conditions to achieve a quality result. Easi-base is a precast concrete manhole base system incorporating a preformed polypropylene liner that provides an immediate water-tight structure for the efficient management of waste water in manhole construction. The integrated benching and channels in the polypropylene liner is the key to increased productivity, site safety and construction cost savings when compared to the traditional manually intensive methods of basing a manhole. Easi-bases are WRC approved and are supplied with an 80 year guarantee. Couple that with ‘Just in time’ delivery and pipe connection in as little as 30 minutes (traditional manhole base construction up to 48 hours) site productivity increases dramatically.

Available in diameters from 20mm to 630mm

easi base
easi base 2

BS EN 1401 Drainage // Sewer

Our solid wall underground drainage system is designed for use in gravity drainage and sewerage installations at depths of up to 10 meters and is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1401-1:1998. The pipes and the majority of fittings are made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC-u). A wide range of plastic inspection chambers and plastic manholes are also available for use with the solid wall underground drainage system.

Available in diameters from 110mm to 450mm


Flexible Couplers

Our standard couplings are principally designed for jointing pipes in sewerage, drainage and other non-pressure applications. TPS also offer a full range of couplers, adaptors, bushes and caps.

Available in diameters from 20mm to 2500mm

Flexible Couplers
Flexible Couplers-2

Cast Iron Drainage // Ensign

TPS offer the Saint-Gobain Ensign system which meets the requirements of ISO 6594 and offers our customers individual cast iron drainage systems for above and below ground applications. The above ground soil and waste systems is red coated with the below ground systems coated grey.

Available in diameters from 50mm to 600mm

Cast Iron Drainage
Cast Iron Drainage 2

Cast Iron Rainwater Systems

TPS offer a classical range of traditional rainwater and gutter systems designed in accordance with BS 460. Its standard ranges are half round gutter and circular downpipe together with a number of more decorative profiles. TPS also offer a full range of hoppers, pipes and gutters in various profiles.

Cast Iron Rainwater Systems 1
Cast Iron Rainwater Systems 2
Cast Iron Rainwater Systems 3
Cast Iron Rainwater Systems 4